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09/24/15 Basics That Really Work, 2014 Dressage Convention with Carl Hester and Richard Davison - straightness, self carriage, half halts, adjustability, Grand Prix

Carl Hester and Richard Davison present a session on the fundamental basics necessary for upper level training.  Straightness, self carriage, half halts, adjustability, Grand Prix. We apologize that the audio quality is not up to our normal standards however the value of the content is unmitigated. The total running time of this five part video is 1:05:00.

Video Description

Carl Hester introduces the two nine year old GP horses for this session, as well as the fact he will ride NipTuck, his 2014 World Games partner, offering a great diversity of horses to watch. Carl shows the importance of straightness with many movements that are performed on the centerline. The first horse starts and Carl talks about how they work on straightness even at this level by using shoulder in and leg yield on the centerline. They show quality canter trot transitions that flow, and then add a bit more power and swing to them. Carl describes how a trot halt can be forward despite it be a stopping movement.

Richard Davison-UK
Richard is a four-time Olympian and has been at the fore-front of the international dressage world for three decades. As well as being among the world’s most experienced international riders he is in demand for his many other attributes. Richard has bee