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10/2014 - Jan Bemelmans -Training Level, Accepting the Aids, relaxation technique

Jan Bemelmans helps two horses with accepting the aids and relaxing and releasing tension. Stretch the back and elongating the neck for relaxation and suppleness are shown. 

Video Description

Jan Bemelmans works with Pierre on his second horse. They have been warming up while Jan watches before our session begins. Jan emphasizes that the rider needs to keep his leg on and keep the contact. The mare is not accepting of the leg, and they work on a small canter on a circle. He then has them come to the walk and do a shoulder in on the small circle. The horse has to become calm to the leg and accepting in all the gaits. Jan explains why the horse and rider must become a team to be successful.

Jan Bemelmans-GER
Jan Bemelmans is truly a rider/trainer with deep heart and soul for what he does! Originally from Belgium, now living in Germany. Currently the French Olympic Team Coach, after 15 years of coaching the Spanish team, helping them reach the highest level of

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