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1/24/13 - Catherine Haddad - Training System 1

system, schoolmaster, passage, tempi changes, aids, warm up

Part 1: Catherine Haddad brings us a series of lessons on her training system, showing how to train a horse to the highest levels so they can teach the rider. She begins with an eighteen year old schoolmaster and a beginner rider, but speaks how she starts all of the horses out in their warm up the same, and why. The frame is adjusted to the appropriate frame for the horse. For this older horse that needs to warm up his back and loins she asks for the head and neck to be lower with the hind legs reaching under.

Part 2: A forward, rolling canter helps this older horse loosen up and they work on forward and back transitions using her seat and legs. This young rider has the benefit of a schoolmaster to learn how to use her seat and leg aids. In this training system the reins are used very little. Catherine gives an excellent explanation of following the movement of the horse with your body. The rider shows a good connection and flexibility with the reins with a soft, following hand.

Part 3: They go to the flying change, keeping the rhythm of the canter and giving the aids in the rhythm of the canter. With this young beginner rider and this schoolmaster, they are able to school all the way to the ones giving the aids in rhythm. When mistakes occur, Catherine teaches to set the horse up better and ask again rather than correct the mistake. As they work on the transitions between the trot and passage, Catherine works on having her keep the forward and change the direction of the energy rather than collect. Catherine finishes by discussing collection and how this is used in passage.

Biographic Overview

Catherine Haddad, a member of the US Team many times over, World Cup, WEG, Olympic Trials competitor. Catherine currently lives and trains out of her farm in Vechta, Germany. Catherine is an all time DTO favorite and has a detailed and articulate communic read full bio

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