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05/2012, Shannon Peters, 4th evel, Shoulders Up

With Ms. Peters helping from the ground, the horse begins to carry himself with the shoulders up. Once he understands, they think about bouncing him up in the half steps using the riders legs instead of lifting him with the hands.

Video Description

This ten year old gelding is expected to reach under with his hind legs rather than push off and out with them. Ms. Peters gives a clear explanation of what the result of the half halt should be. They use the leg yield at the canter to supple the horse longitudinally and when doing the half pass, she asks for more collection.

Shannon Peters-USA
Shannon has been an active FEI trainer and competitor for 25 years. She has had great influences throughout her career from her everyday help from husband, US Olympian, Steffen Peters, "S" judge Debbie Riel-Rodriguez, Nancy Baker and for the past 10 years