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02/25/16 - Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz - Five Year Old Lustiano, stallion, stretch, rhythm, relaxation, shoulder in, haunches in, trot serpentine, trot half pass

Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz presents a training session with a spectacular five year old Lusitano stallion with a great future in the top levels of dressage.  The total running time of this two part video is 34:00. 

Video Description

Juan Manuel rides a five year old Lusitano stallion from Brazil, showing us his training session starting with a relaxed walk. As they go to the trot, he works on acceptance of the contact with his neck more forward. He keeps a straight line, maintaining the rhythm and asks him to accept the hands with contact, and offers a stretch. He gives a great demonstration of the frame needed in the trot in the warm up. In the canter the stallion isn’t accepting the leg, so Juan Manuel describes the exercises he uses to improve the canter. He repeats the exercises to the other side. They begin the working session with trot and then canter, always making sure to keep the forward momentum. He does some shoulder in at the trot and talks about how important it is to keep the rhythm and attitude without too strong of a contact.

Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz-ESP
Olympian and clear crowd favorite, Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz is based in Seville and is presently considered one of the most accomplished riders of PRE horses, the Spanish team and throughout the world. Strongly remembered for his 2010 World Equestrian Game