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Helen Langehanenberg- 07/23/15 - Daily Work

Helen Langehanenberg presents a typical daily training session on a young mare. The total running time of this two part video is 19:15.

Video Description

Helen presents us with at seven year old mare working towards PSG on their first day outside in the spring. They have warmed up before the start of the video, and Helen first works her in canter because the horse prefers it. They first do transitions within the gait, keeping her on her hind legs while remaining open in front. She uses her weight aid for collection, and ads the half pass to a flying change. Helen talks about the importance of the walk to earn those points in the test. After a walk break they return to the canter and perform exemplary straight and forward changes.

Helen Langehanenberg-GER
Fresh from the 2012 Olympics as part of the silver medal winning German team, famed for her light bridle contact, invisible aids and flawless seat; when Helen Langehanenberg enters a ring riding the gorgeous stallion Damon Hill the spectators are in for a