8/2011, Jan Bemelmans, Grand Prix, Piaffe/Passage, Lengthening the Neck. Half pass & pirouettes.

 Excellent watch for those with PRE, Andalusian or Lusitano horses. Dealing with many specifics that those breeds must think about in a competitive arena.  Half Pass, Pirouettes.

Video Description

Jan Bemelmans works with Nuria Vila Perez on the 10 year old Andalusion stallion, Kalibre. They have previously shown I1 and PSG and are working on GP. Jan schooled Nuria by asking that Kalibre stay elevated and long in the neck. He used transitions within the trot half pass from forward to collected and back to forward to encourage Kalibre to stretch his neck more open. Keeping contact with his hind legs when going from the medium to the collected trot created better connection. The half pass was improved by making sure to ride deep into the corners and begin the halt pass right out of the corner.

Grand Prix, Grand Prix Speciale, Olympic Short GPS Finale
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