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2016 West Coast Dressage Convention Featuring Adelinde Corn..

features the acclaimed Adelinde Cornelissen. Adelinde is the individual silver medalist London 2012, team silver medalist London 2012, 10 x european champion medalist, 3 x world champion medalist. Watch Adelinde teach multiple rid..

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Join us at the Oldenburg Foal Auction

Catherine takes you to a late spring Oldenburg Foal Auction in Vechta, Germany. See what happens at an actual auction as the foals are judged for both jumping and dressage...

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2014 Dressage Convention hosted by Carl Hester and Richard ..

Two days and one evening filled with practical demonstrations, teachings and panel session to help develop your skills and your horse's in hand and ridden work. Hosted by Carl Hester and Richard Davison, featuring Peter Storr, Jen..

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Dressage Is For Every Horse Symposium, all levels

Dressage Is For Every Horse Symposium. Featuring Olympic rider, Debbie McDonald and FEI judge, Janet Foy, teaching, judging, training.

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2017 World Cup Dressage Showcase

The 2017 World Cup Finals in Omaha Nebraska featured the first training session in the US by Isabell Werth, and also included demonstrations of freestyles, para dressage and Western Dressage.

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Mehrdad Baghai of Saddlery Solutions

Mehrdad is the maker of JRD saddles and focuses on the importance of saddle fit for the horse and rider. He talks about the tree, point billets, how the shape of the horse affects the saddle fit and the seat of the rider. Live dem..

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Grand Prix Freestyle's, Leagure Finals for World Cup, 2007

League Finals for the World Cup, watch the top 6 Grand Prix Freestyle's and get a better perspective on how they made it happen and what to expect at the FEI Rolex World Cup held in Las Vegas, NV on April 18-22, 2007...

Total Videos: 3

Janet Brown Foy and Steffen Peters Host the ESDCTA Forum, H..

ESDCTA Competitors, Trainers and Judges Forum, led by Janet Brown Foy and Steffen Peters (special guest ). The forum focuses on horses at all levels and does a fabulous job of showing what the judge looks for in terms of gaits and..

Total Videos: 8

USDF FEI Level Trainers Conference, Featuring Jan Brink, 20..

USDF FEI Level Trainers Conference. Day one of two. Demonstration training rides led by international superstar, Jan Brink. Jan works with horses and riders from various levels thru Grand Prix. The focus is on giving trainers addi..

Total Videos: 8

USDF FEI Level Trainers Conference, 2007, Featuring Jan Bri..

USDF FEI Level Trainers Conference. Day two of two. Demonstration training rides led by international superstar, Jan Brink. Jan works with horses and riders from various levels thru Grand Prix. The focus is on giving trainers addi..

Total Videos: 4

Jan Brink, The Happy Athlete, Horse and Man

Jan Brink discussing what it means to be a "happy athlete" in conjunction to insights into how Jan's career began and how he got to where he is today. Jan Brink is not only the featured trainer for the Succeed/USDF FEI Level Train..

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Welcome & Succeed Presentation

A feature on equine digestive health, presented by Succeed.

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Schleese Saddlery Presentation

Schleese Saddlery Service, Saddle Fit 4 Life, giving an educational demonstration on proper saddle fitting.

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Adequan/USDF 2007 Annual Convention

Adequan/USDF 2007 Convention footage. All 12 sessions available..."Alternative Therapies", "Conformation and its Influence on Lameness in the Horse", "Impact of Arena Footing on Soundness", "Management of Contagious Diseases: Vacc..

Total Videos: 12

USEF 2008 Dressage Festival of Champions, Freestyles

Collecting Gaits Farm / USEF 2008 Dressage Festival of Champions, watch the nations top 12 riders, as they compete over 4 days, vying for the 3 spots (plus 1 alternate) that will bring them to the Olympic Games in Hong Kong, Augus..

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World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen 2008, Grand Prix Kur

If you couldn't be there...go there virtually! Watch the Grand Prix Kur, CDIO, 2008, as riders from 9 different nations compete in a final Olympic qualifier.

Total Videos: 3

2008 Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Championships present..

Watch an array of horses compete in the 4, 5, 6 and Developing Horse classes. This is an educational experience to be enjoyed by all. A must see for those competing or working towards competing in these classes. Watch, listen and ..

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Succeed/USDF 2009 FEI Level Trainer's Conference with Henk ..

Coach of the Dutch dressage team, 1972 & 1992 Olympics. Coached private students at the 1984 Olympics. 1988 he was the coach for the Japanese team, Seoul Olympics. Currently he is the national coach for England's JR/YR team.

Total Videos: 12

Rolex/FEI World Cup 2009-Behind the scenes in the warmup, P..

Join us as you watch the Friday events, which include the Pas De Deux's, Young Horse tests and Brentina's retirement. Additionally you will get to go behind the scenes and watch the world's best riders warm up for their Grand Prix..

Total Videos: 7

Rolex/FEI 2007 World Cup, Behind the Scenes in The Warm Up

Watch this interesting piece featuring all riders in the warm up tent, directly pre-ceding their Grand Prix ride. It is commentated by FEI I Judge, USA, Janet Brown Foy.

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DressageTrainingOnline.com presents the USDF/Adequan 2006 S..

Performance Through Fitness featuring Ingrid Klimke of Germany. A to Z on how and why to integrate cavaletti work into your training.

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KBIS British Equestrian, National Convention with Jean Beme..

Jean, world famous German Reitmeister, an accolade given to riders who have successfully trained 50 or more horses up to Internationl Grand Prix, leads the convention, working with 6 riders and 6 horses from the basics to perfecti..

Total Videos: 12

121st Elite Hanoverian Auction, What it is, evaluation & bi..

Perhaps the most historic and well know of sporthorse auctions, we bring to you the 121st Hannoveraner Verband Elite Auction! This six section, full feature piece is fully hosted and commentated by one of DTO's featured trainers, ..

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2009 Adequan/USDF Symposium, Trainer, Jan Brink, All Level..

Jan Brink works with 6 horse and rider combinations at all levels with a weighted focus on the basics. These videos are wonderful for green horses or green riders, however, every rider is sure to learn. Communication – A Tw..

Total Videos: 8

2009 Adequan/USDF Convention, Educational Demo's & Lectures

Fabulous Freestyles; Hot Tips from Top Sources, Featuring Terry Ciotti Gallo, Ann Guptill, Sandy Howard and Tigger Montague, Finding Emotional Balance with Jane Savoie and Balanced Rider - Balanced Horse, Featuring Dr. Hilary Clay..

Total Videos: 5

Shleese Saddlery-How to fit a saddle properly to horse and ..

Schleese is the only manufacturer with saddles designed specifically for the female pelvis. I encourage all ladies to experience the comfort of riding in a ‘female’ saddle! My focus is to communicate Schleese’s..

Total Videos: 2

The Endotapping Method, Relax, Reflex, Reward, Technique

Learn Endotapping TM , the Relax Reflex Reward Technique TM , a wonderfully simple and efficient method that can be used in virtually any equestrian application by absolutely any type of rider, regardless of experience or skill.

Total Videos: 2

2010 Markel/USEF National Young Horse and Developing Horse ..

The Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Program (for 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old horses) promotes the importance of selective breeding and correct training of horses in the United States, and encourages participation of breeders, riders, ..

Total Videos: 3

Potomac Valley Dressage Association

The Potomac Valley Dressage Association (PVDA) is the second oldest dressage club in the United States. Founded in 1964 in Gaithersburg, MD, PVDA promotes the art and sport of dressage by providing leadership, education, scholarsh..

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The Masterson Method

Jim Masterson teaches a unique method of bodywork that recognizes and then follows the visual responses of the horse to touch, to find and release accumulated muscle and structural stress in key junctions of the horse's body that ..

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2010 Adequan/USDF National Symposium

Bridging the gap from training to showing, with Gary Rockwell and Lilo Fore. These two judges and trainers work together to provide excellent training based on what they see performed in the test ring. Once the test is performed t..

Total Videos: 6

The Lusitano Collection, 2011, Auction

Now in its fourth consecutive year in the United States, The 2011 Lusitano Collection® International Horse Auction is pleased to present a truly exquisite collection of imported Lusitano Horses. Selected from two of the most pr..

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KWPN North America, 2011, Identifying Superstars, Conformat..

Steffen Peters shares secrets for identifying superstars, plus - How Totilas impacts modern breeding, See, The Road to Grand Prix, with Idocus and other hot topics. Discussions on conformation and movement, analysis and scoring.

Total Videos: 8

2011 PVDA Ride for Life, Freestyles

Watch the fabulous freestyles from Martin Audet (reining), Michael Barisone, The Barteau Family, Dutch Chapman (reining), Bent Jensen, Shannon Dueck, Jane Hannigan, Silva Martin, Julio Mendoza and The Sons of the Wind. Ride for Li..

Total Videos: 2

Training Through The Levels, Debbie McDonald-US Olympian an..

Multiple horses and riders demonstrate the requirements and test movements required at each level. Janet evaluates from the judge's perspective giving scores and insight into what she sees and then Debbie works individually with e..

Total Videos: 1

Trainers' and Judges' Forum with Dr. Dieter Schule

2011 Judges and Trainers Forum, hosted by Red Hawk Ranch and sponsored by the Southern German Breed Registry. Dr. Dieter Schuele goes through the principles of the FEI young horse tests and talk about the proper training for the y..

Total Videos: 10

Trainers' and Judges' Forum with Dr. Deiter Schule, All lev..

The 2011 Trainers’ and Judges Forum: Sponsored by the Southern German Breeders Association. Young Horse to Developing Horse with visiting Olympic Judge, Dr. Schüle sported beautiful Fall weather, exceptional horses and a..

Total Videos: 11

Training Through The Levels with Debbie McDonald and Janet ..

Janet, FEI I Judge and Debbie, Olympian, work with horse and rider pairs from training level through Grand Prix. They evaluate the current state of the pair, work on the developmental areas and then focus on test movements at each..

Total Videos: 1

2012 PVDA Ride For Life, Freestyles

Don’t miss this exciting event! The PVDA Ride for Life Dancing Horse Challenge returns in 2012, better than ever. The Dancing Horse Challenge is a blend of dance, music, lights and equestrian art woven into an exciting thea..

Total Videos: 2

2013 PVDA, Ride4Life, Freestyles

The PVDA Ride for Life Dancing Horse Challenge has become one of the largest equestrian freestyle performances in the Mid-Atlantic region. The proceeds of which benefit the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center.

Total Videos: 4

The Language of the Horse; MasterClass featuring Catherine ..

"The Language of the Horse...becoming fluent", with Catherine Haddad-Staller

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The Dressage Convention 2013

The main hosts of The Dressage Convention 2013 are British Olympic Team Gold medallist Carl Hester and 4 time Olympian and British Team Manager Richard Davison. Double Olympic gold medallist, Charlotte Dujardin, will be the guest ..

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USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Forum

Featuring Scott Hassler of the USA and Ingo Pape of Germany, available October, 2014. Learn the fundamentals for starting sport horse prospects. Bridge the gap from in-hand to under-saddle and eventual competition.

Total Videos: 16

FarmVet/USDF Adult Clinic, featuring Lilo Fore

This clinic sponsored by FarmVet and the USDF, features a wide array of learnings, from the green beginner rider to riders moving up to Grand Prix, this 2 day clinic is in-depth and each session will provide the viewer with tools ..

Total Videos: 11

Janice Dulak Pilates For Dressage

Janice Dulak has created Pilates for Dressage, bringing the concepts of Pilates to create more effective riding.

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2009 Markel/USEF National Young Horse and Developing Horse ..

The Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Program (for 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old horses) promotes the importance of selective breeding and correct training of horses in the United States, and encourages participation of breeders, riders, ..

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