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PLEASE Click Here TO GO TO, is the premier educational equestrian training site in the world! We feature over 1500 reality based, training videos featuring trainers, riders and judges, of the most elite caliber, sharing with members how they train on a daily basis. Judges, judging a real test, giving the scores given, and the reason they scored each movement the way they did. Nowhere else on the internet, around the globe, will you find this offering. Additionally, we partner with equestrian federations and organizations worldwide. We often feature their sponsored content, such as forums, conferences, symposiums and clinics.


Are you looking to earn extra income by promoting online education provided by many of the world's top trainers and judges?


The DTO Affiliate Program will allow you to earn consistent income simply by referring your friends, students, colleagues and viewers to us, and it is absolutely free to do.

How Does It All Work?

Simply place links to on your site and for each subscription sold, you'll be paid referral earnings. You may also choose to embed our Mini Clip Media Player. Once you request to register by clicking here now, we will email you with simple instructions on how to put your unique affiliate links up on your website so you can start earning today. The affiliate links and codes we give you track all the referrals you make to our site, so that when someone subscribes whom you referred, you'll automatically be credited with your commission. Keep in mind, we never give out your personal information. This program simply allows you to be compensated for putting forth information of where one can have an opportunity to learn from the world's most credentialed experts in the sport of Dressage.


As an affiliate, you can earn:




What does this mean to you!


6 month membership = $183.60 @25% = $45.90
12 month membership = $345.60 @ 25% = $86.40


Here are some examples of residual income. Get paid month after month as long as the membership is active. The average time a member is active is 10 months.


Adding 10 new members a month

Month Members Income $36
1 10 $90
2 20 $180
3 30 $270
4 40 $360
5 50 $450
6 60 $540
7 70 $630
8 80 $720
9 90 $810
10 100 $900
Total for 10 months   $4,950

What if it was 25 new members a month

Month Members Income $36 *25%=$9
1 25 $225
2 50 $450
3 75 $675
4 100 $900
5 125 $1,125
6 150 $1,350
7 175 $1,575
8 200 $1800
9 225 $2,025
10 250 $2,250
Total for 10 months   $12,375

And….For each $250 that an affiliate earns they will have an opportunity to offer special promotions to their viewership for a specific time frame if they so desire.

If you are an equestrian or an equestrian organization, with a website, if you believe in equestrian enthusiasts having access to a global view of training, to improve their own knowledge, skills, and tools to learn by...then you should be offering to others.

How It Works

To join our affiliate program, simply send request to We will authorize you as an affiliate after which we will provide you with logos, text and links, to quickly and easily allow you to add our logo to your site and begin profiting from your passion! We will provide you with graphics which will contain a visual coupon code, exclusive to you. We will tally monthly and cut a check when you've earned a minimum of $100.00, monthly. It's that easy!

Ideas For Maximizing Sales

* You have an equine website- in a key viewing area, add the chosen banner/logo, next to it display a paragraph of verbiage that explains what is. Please take verbiage from the homepage, or the highlighted verbiage above. We also encourage you to contact us directly for all your marketing needs. Don't re-create the wheel. The work is already done for you.

* You are an equestrian vendor which often presents at tradeshows/forums/horseshows- if you don't currently have a website, quickly create one. Use any of the free website creators out there, most are offered with your email account. Create a simple 1 page website to be able to add the banner/logo. Then create a vinyl banner, flyers or other marketing pieces (all you have to do is request these from us and have them printed up) to help create a talk track to prompt people to ask you about, tell them about the site and what it has to offer. If they are interested in membership either direct them to your site to sign up or manually take down their information, name, address, email address, phone number, type of credit card, credit card number, expiration date and the 3 digit security code on the back. Enter their information manually through your site after the event. (it is recommended that you take this information on a carbon copy receipt book, giving the customer a receipt copy, which includes your business name and contact information).

* If you are a GMO or other dressage organization- highlight this offering in your monthly newsletters by using verbage given, displaying the logo and discuss the value in investing in training and education. The money made from your member sign up's could go towards a GMO sponsored clinic, grants for a local hopeful or a special cause your organization may be interested in supporting.

* When people see the site and experience the content, they understand the value! If you can show the site, via a computer screen with a live connection (must be high speed), or a computer hooked up to an LCD monitor, this will surely maximize your success!

Should you need additional help such as ad copy, embed code for media player, files for banners you would like to create, or different size logos, please contact us directly via email at or you may call us at 877-513-3122.

Thank You
Team DTO