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07/24/14 - Hess - 2nd level, Keeping the horse in front of the leg in all transitions, minimal amount of rein use,

Christoph Hess works on using the driving aids to create a forward, swinging horse.  The total running time of this two part video is 31:45. 


Video Description

Christoph Hess helps this rider with their down transitions, asking for them to be forward. He has the rider get the horse to stretch into the contact with a longer neck. Mr. Hess explains how the rider should use driving aids to slow down. He requires that the down transition from canter to trot should be done with a minimal use of the reins using the driving aids. Using a ten meter circle in the corner and a giving rein encourages her to stretch.

Christoph Hess-GER
Christoph Hess has worked for the German Equestrian Federations training department since 1978 and is presently Director of Training and Education at the German Olympic Committee. He is also an FEI Level 3 (I) judge for Dressage and Eventing. He is act